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Heather Paris
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“The coaching program has been a guiding light for me in a tumultuous year.” -Josh P.

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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You want to become a certified life coach.
  • You want to teach your kids, students, or clients to live above their feelings using emotional intelligence. 
  • You want to be a better person with the strategies to help others!
  • You would like practical strategies that are easy to implement!
  • You enjoy video learning instead of books!

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You have no access to the internet. 
  • You prefer boring lessons and loads of book work.  
  • You are unwilling to volunteer, serve, or help people. 
  • You are uncoachable. 
“This course has helped me create and nurture healthy relationships. You have taught me things that have been so beneficial to my and my girls life.” -Katie D.

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Emotional intelligence is the common factor in happy marriages, healthy kids, and the most successful people.

The Live Inspired Now Coach Training is designed to teach you emotional intelligence strategies and give you everything you need to teach others… your children, your friends/family, your employees, your students, or if you decide to make it a business… your coaching clients!

Graduation requirements: 

  • All homework must be completed and handed in.
  • You must complete 1 hour of community service per month- *Inspired Life Coaches are go-givers!*
  • Practice your coaching skills on your family, friends, or other students.
  • There is no deadline to complete course and you have lifetime access to all course materials.
Additional Information:
  • This program has no basis in religion and is open to anyone who wants to learn to be a well trained, inspired life coach.
  • We do promote compassion, service, and authenticity.
  • While we do cover “Your coaching business” in the final module, this is not a business course.
  • Your certification is from Live Inspired Now©. We are not affiliated with or accredited by the ICF.
  • You are responsible for your own results in this training and as a life coach.
  • You are welcome to join any of our live “Get Fired Up” and “Breathwork” events in Port Byron, NY free of charge!
  • Free one on one coaching sessions with Heather Paris end upon successful graduation.
  • Heather is a go-giver and likes to send random cards and gifts, please don’t be surprised if goodies show up in your mailbox!

About Heather Paris

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Heather Paris believes in changing the world one family, one parent, and one child at a time. Heather opened the Live Inspired Now Life Coach School to train and certify people to become life coaches and join her mission to decrease suffering in the world!

Heather is a Certified Life Coach, Strategic Interventionist, Marriage Educator, and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer. She is on a mission to increase emotional intelligence and resiliency which promotes health and happiness within families. 

Heather lives on a small island in Port Byron, NY with her husband Thad and the 2 youngest of their 6+ kids. Heather is a best selling author, has a private coaching practice out of her home and enjoys kayaking, vegan food, and firewalking!


Module 1: Getting Started
The secret of getting ahead is getting started!

Module 2: Relationship Repair
Use the skills in this module to improve ALL of your relationships with family, friends, spouse/partner, co-workers, bosses, and acquaintances.

Module 3: Mindfulness
Learn the skills to bring self awareness, peace, detachment, and overall wellness. 

Module 4: Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is the study of the strengths that enable people to thrive. Learn how to look for life's silver lining while keepin' it real!

Module 5: Power Of Connection
The power of connection is all about connecting with people in a powerful way.

Module 6: Personal Growth
Personal growth is so much fun! We get to learn more about ourselves, develop our strengths, then teach others!

​​​​​​​Module 7: Personal Development
Personal development is when you really start to enhance your skills and begin to create your life the way you'de like it to be! You can only take your clients as far as you are willing to go... dig deep!

Module 8: High Level Communication
95% of all the challenges your clients will face can be resolved with communication tweaks!

Module 9: Family Strategies
The work you do with families is priceless. People don't learn parenting in schools, and most parents become parents with their own baggage that they haven't yet processed. Helping parents can truly improve generations! 

Module 10: Professionalism & Accountability
A client is great, but a raving fan is priceless.... learn how! 

Module 11: Public Speaking & Workshops
You have the power to inspire and influence people with your words and this module will help make it a little easier for you! 

Module 12: Your coaching business
We finish strong with high level strategies for building and growing your new coaching practice and applying everything you've learned to your new clients!

Plus bonus modules...


Make 12 easy payments!

  • 12 easy monthly payments of $125.
  • Complete all 12 homeworks for certification
  • Includes office hours, full training, and life time access. 
  • Includes free admission to "Get Fired Up" events held in Port Byron, NY. 

Buy Now (Instant Access)

Pay all at once!

  • 1 payment of $1500.
  • Complete all 12 homeworks for certification
  • Includes office hours, full training, and life time access. 
  • Includes free admission to "Get Fired Up" events held in Port Byron, NY. 

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